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Have all your office furniture assembled and installed by Phoenix Furniture Assembly and save. We assemble all types of office furniture including desk - file cabinets - bookcases and more.
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Our furniture assembly services are available for residential solutions too. Do it like the pro's and have the ultimate office installed by the professional assemblers at Phoenix Furniture Assembly.
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Buying Used Cubicles - A Few Pointers
Buying used cubicles can save you thousands of dollars with cubicles ranging from $400 to $5000 a cubicle. It's safe to say a lot of businesses buy used cubicles over new ones. A couple of pointers before purchasing used cubicles. First off - make sure all the hardware is there and if you can get extras. If possible count the panels and end caps. Some cubicles come with three and four way extensions. While other cubicles come with hinge and slide systems. Kick plates and top caps are very important and without these cubicles can be dangerous. Table and shelving supports are crucial and don't buy used cubicles without them. If you need help purchasing used cubicles and have questions please call us at (602) 888-6916 and we'll help either by phone or in person. Phoenix Furniture Assembly is your cubicle installation specialist.

Cubicle Installation Rates

Our rates are competitive and since we take out the hourly rate game and commit to one flat rate from the beginning. Phoenix Furniture Assembly has changed the game. No longer will your office wonder how long the jobs going to take or how many hours it will cost in wages. Because of our years of experience assembling and installing cubicles big and cubicle repairs. Phoenix Furniture Assembly has become one of the top office furniture installers in Phoenix and one of the best cubicle installation companies in Arizona.

Cubicle Installers in Phoenix

Call Phoenix Furniture Assembly and have your cubicles assembled and installed properly. Our assemblers will assemble your cubicles safely and efficiently. For over 19 years Phoenix Furniture Assembly has been assembling and installing new and used cubicles in offices across the valley.

Cubicle assembly and cubicle installation go hand in hand and at Phoenix Furniture Assembly we know cubicles. From the best cubicles such as Steelcase to Universal cubicles. Our cubicle installers have the tools, manpower and experience to have your new or used cubicles assembled and installed right the first time.